8 Little known health hacks…

Health Hack 1

Don’t wear sunglasses in the morning for better sleep!

Natural outdoor light hitting the eyes and skin in the morning can help to reset our natural bio rhythms that humans have lived by for thousands of years – the rise and fall of the sun. With work, stress levels high at all times and our tendency to use lights and screens at night our circadian rhythms are all kinds of messed up!

Health Hack 2

Move your joints everyday for longevity!

The evidence is clear, movement is absolutely key for joint health long term. So if you want to avoid shuffling around with a zimmerframe at 70 then make sure you move as much as possible on the days you are not in the gym! Joint rotations are great for this.

Health Hack 3

Minimise processed food!

If it doesn’t go off within a few days, couldn’t be grown or killed by us two hundred years ago and has a nutrition information list that reads like weedkiller then it probably isn’t great for our bodies long term!

Health Hack 4

Avoid coffee after 2pm.

The caffeine in coffee has a half life of 8 hours at least and it risk disrupting hormonal patterns in the evening by keeping cortisol elevated when we should be winding down. Apart from the acute effects of leaving you awake in the evening on the odd occasion, this long term can easily lead to more difficult to shift sleep pattern issues. 

Health Hack 5

Work on yourself…

Whether it is meditation, counselling, journalling, religion or simply spending time practicing mindfulness. Working on yourself really is just about living consciously, address the problems in your life and ask for help.

Emotional health and wellbeing has a direct impact on physical health.

Health Hack 6


From midday onwards, every hour take 5-10 deep belly breaths with a long exhale. Start activating the rest and digest system ready for the evening.

Health Hack 7

Eat the rainbow!

Have as many different colours and variety of vegetables going in every day. The phytonutrients in these vegetables are essential for bodily processes and cognitive function. One of the biggest factors in long term poor health that plagues our society in our opinion is lack of vegetables and all the goodness they bring in terms of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Health Hack 8 

Look at your pooh…

If its very small hard pebbles or very soft then there is something not quite right. It is a good indicator as to your general digestive process and how the body is functioning. 


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