Over the last few decades we have lost many of the habits and foods that were supportive to our gut health. For many of us, this has thrown the balance of ‘good bacteria’ in our gut microbiome out of kilter. This is a result of a number of factors  1 – The corruption of our
Gut Health – How leaky gut can affect you!
We identified last week some of the signs and symptoms that could be a result of poor gut health however how does the gut contribute to these conditions Within our gut, each of us have a unique ecosystem of micro organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and parasites) that make up whats known as our gut
Sleep and the Brain
For the next few weeks I’m going to concentrate on sleep…. We all know we need it, and usually we’d all like more of it, but why do we need it? Because we’re grumpy without it? Or is there more to lack of sleep? And is more caffeine a remedy to lack of sleep? Do
Gut Health Part 1

Gut Health Part 1 Gut health

What do we mean when we refer to our gut health and how can we tell if our guts are not working in harmony. Your gut is essentially your digestive system or tract- from the mouth, through the oesophagus, to the stomach, small intestine and then finally the large intestine or colon. The cells that
Coach Development
An insight into Coach Development at LiftOff CrossFit. Our bread and butter here is coaching. It is the service that sets us apart from other gyms and as such, a huge amount of my/our time is dedicated too making sure that all of us are the very best coaches that we can be. This is
The festive Bulge
Dealing with the festive bulge… Christmas and New Year are a time when we are bombarded with social events and family events that almost always involve, an excess of alcohol and food, much of which isn’t of the best quality! This can be a tricky time if you are working towards any sort of body
Sickness and our bodies…
What to do when sickness strikes…and how to try and avoid it! For many of us sickness, be it a cold, stomach bug or flu, is a blight on our training progress. We feel like crap and it affects our training! How do we train, or know when to train through a downturn in our
Finding Balance
Balance Here at LiftOff CrossFit we promote balance and health alongside improving human performance, fitness and longevity. To do that we must find balance! Life is a constant juggling act to find true balance. Finding balance means that all things are equal and we are emotionally and physically at a point of equilibrium, something that
Training around the menstrual cycle.
A woman’s menstrual cycle is not something to be taken lightly. *Pause for inappropriate banter and giggles* Done? I will pause again… Ok…ready? The menstrual cycle can play havoc with a females training and often is underestimated when females are training hard, trying to improve body composition or get stronger/fitter. I will admit I am
Body Fat Battle…Part 2
Part 1 of this blog covered the basics of body fat loss. The reason I am writing about this is because the most common question I get is ‘how can I lose weight?’. As explained in part one…this is a highly individual process, however there are some steps that will help EVERYONE. So what are



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