Factors leading to poor gut health

Over the last few decades we have lost many of the habits and foods that were supportive to our gut health. For many of us, this has thrown the balance of ‘good bacteria’ in our gut microbiome out of kilter.

This is a result of a number of factors 

1 – The corruption of our food supply. We now have and overwhelming surplus of excess sugars, refined carbohydrates and convenience foods available to us. Excess sugar is one of the worst offenders in creating holes in our intestinal lining.

In addition to this, intensive farming methods have resulted in the depletion of many of the good bacteria, minerals and nutrients from the soil.

2- The rise of environmental toxins. The widespread use of pesticides combined with the presence in our lives and diets of genetically modified foods, food additives and preservatives and even household cleaning and beauty products have created many toxins that act to degrade our gut health

3- The overwhelming stresses of modern life. Research has shown that stress decreases probiotic diversity, and allows the over growth of yeast in our gut. It also acts to weaken the immune system, affecting our ability to fight off foreign invaders like bad bacteria.

4- Overuse of medication. Readily prescribed antibiotics and over the counter drugs all act to compromise our gut mucosal barrier, damaging our intestinal villi and killing of beneficial bacteria. They work by killing ALL bacteria, not just the bad stuff.

5 – Our obsession with over sanitising everything. We have become somewhat obsessed with cleaning our hands, homes and everything around us with antibacterial wipes,  sprays and soaps. As a result we are killing off many strains of beneficial microbes that can help to train our immune systems to handle pathogens, allergens and viruses.

Any one of these factors will increase our risk of developing leaky gut, and many of us will face not just one but several. Find our next week how you can help to find a solution to counter these problems




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