Food Prep – How and Why?



This is a very quick blog post talking about food preparation for those looking to take their nutrition a bit more seriously. If you are this person then you are probably looking to get leaner, put on some muscle, improve how you feel or just be a bit healthier! For the average person however this can be really tricky because the food available to quickly eat when we are out and about or at work is generally of pretty poor quality in terms of sources and macronutrient content. Lots of trans fats, hidden sugars, poor micronutrient make up and often very processed is all bad news!

So how do we get around this? We get organised, thats how!! Two hours a week of prep, maximum is all you need. Attached below is a picture of my preparation for two days worth of meals. It took me about forty five minutes to prep in total and was all bought in one shopping trip to the supermarket and butchers.

Lets break it down from left to right:

One large steak and Halloumi. – This was left over from the night before!

Breakfast Mix – 6-8 Eggs, Mixed in with five rashers of butchers bacon, some melted halloumi, and big handful of spinach. All fried in coconut oil.

Steak Burgers and halloumi – Four steak and guinness burgers from local butchers, all grass fed beef with minimal preservatives in.

Mince Sauce – 1kg of beef mince fried with tinned tomato sauce, onions and some shredded veg.

Salad – Mixed bag of salad from tesco with feta cheese chopped up. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Chicken – Two free range butchers chicken breasts, these are huge! Sprinkled with cajun spices.

This was all prepared in one big session on a sunday evening. It took forty five minutes to prepare and then another twenty to cool and pack up. It sits in the fridge for three days happily! All I do is refresh the salad each day and also add in some hard boiled eggs as snacks. Along with this, if I am training twice a day will be packs of rice, a couple of avocado’s, some fruit and protein/maltodextrin shakes at certain points of the day. On an early shift I will make a quick super shake consisting of oats, protein powder, full fat goats milk, almond butter and frozen fruit!

So how does your average person do this? Lets use Joe Bloggs as an example. He works 9-5 in the city, he has a wife and kids that need his attention when he gets home from work and attends the awesome classes at LiftOff either at 6am or 8pm. Joe Bloggs sets aside an hour on Sunday afternoon to prep his food. He also sets aside another hour on Thursday night to do the same. This sees him through the week! He uses Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning to be a bit more relaxed and cook what he/his wife and kids wants! This gives him a good balance in terms of his eating and helps him achieve his goals of adding some muscle mass.

The moral of this little article is that everyone can make time for this stuff! It all comes down to priorities – if you aren’t that fussed, then it won’t get done, and there is nothing wrong with that. If it is a serious priority in your life it will!!

Just be honest with yourself, there is always time to find for things that are important to you but just because it is important to me it doesn’t mean that should apply for everyone else.

Not everyone needs to prep as much as I have above, this was prepped for two days when I knew I would be at the gym 12-15hrs each day, i would train twice and do at least 8-10 hours of coaching. That is a lot of energy output and requires a lot of food! So think about your lifestyle and if this appeals to you and you want to make some changes, start slowly building these good habits in!




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