Holiday WOD

Holiday workouts!

A few of you have asked me to put together training sessions for when you are on holiday this year with no access too a box! Here are some basic ideas for you to follow – play around with them and have some fun in the sun:

1 –


Run 400m

20 Burpees

2 –


30s Hollow Body/Hollow Rocks

30s Down/Ups

30s FLR

30s Rest

3 –

5 Mins HS Practice



50 Air Squat

40 Double Under

30 Lunges

20 Pushups

10 Situps

4 –


Run 400m

Rest 2 mins

  • Keep each split the same – pace it!! You can do this for swimming aswell.

These are just some basic ideas for which you’d need no kit! Most hotels have at least a pullup bar and some old weights which you can use to add even more variety, don’t be scared to get some curls in for the beach 😉

Also use the time to go on long walks, swim in the sea, run etc. My favourite thing on holiday was swimming in the sea, its just something we so rarely get to do in the UK and you can make it into a workout or recovery work!

My beach workout on holiday was:

Swim 100m (Roughly)

30-25–20-15-10-5 HR Pushups

Before each round – 10 Pullups

Swim 100m

This was cheeky in the sand and involved running 30-40m to a pullup bar at the end of the beach. Great fun!

Get creative and think your own bits up and post it into the members group on facebook! Oh and enjoy your holiday, if that means training – do it! If that means totally chilling, do it!! Each to their own.

Happy Hols!




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