Health and fitness – How can we make this a habit?

Health and fitness – How can we make this a habit?

We all know that forming a new habit is hard. We keep saying “I just need to get into the habit of…. having lemon water in the morning, or stretching for 5min a day, or getting up early to have time to actually sit down to have breakfast….” We often say it, but these habits are hard to form. Some studies suggest it takes 21 days. Others 2 months. So really, we should start forming them whilst we’re still young!!

Take a great fitness regime. How many of us have taken out a gym membership (usually in January!) with the great intention of upping our fitness? For a lot of people, all that happens is that we pay an amount per month, the gym gets the money, but we don’t get any fitter… because we don’t go!

So let’s help our younger generation to not get into this same pattern. Let’s get our children fall in love with fitness, so that exercising becomes second nature to them. The great thing with children is that they don’t need a gym membership. Fitness can be had every-where. For the younger children, there are playgrounds in every neighbourhood. Some of the older children will be lucky enough to have access to older play areas, but for the others- there is nature. Climbing trees, running, jumping, hanging upside down… all these do not have to be done indoors, and therefore do not require a gym. And how about doing some rollie pollies on your bed? (Fact, double beds are big enough for adults to do them 😉 ) With the new year here, let me set you a little challenge. Children require an hour of exercise a day, so let’s start with something I know everyone can achieve; 20min. Let’s accumulate 20 min of exercise with our children daily. And for an extra wee challenge, no gym allowed! Just good old outdoor (and indoor if safe!) fun.

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