No time like the present- Forever progress

No time like the present


We’ve all heard it before, failing to plan is planning to fail. Often people say they want something then leave it there. Their actions go as far as their words; saying they want to do something. Have you ever tried saying how you’re going to do something instead of what you want the outcome to be? Connecting yourself with the journey towards the accomplishment instead of the accomplishment itself.


Telling yourself that today you’re going to do that workout no matter what, is a lot less daunting than telling yourself you’re going to train four days a week for the next ten years. That for breakfast this morning you’re going to eat what you discussed with your coach. See when we talk about planning and goal setting we often think too far ahead, we create goals that are big and exciting but don’t realise how much they’re actually putting us off. We don’t want a goal that seems small, or won’t bring us ‘close enough’ to where we really want to be, even though it will still move us forward. Even though any progress is still moving us closer to our goal and it’s the consistency of those small progressions that takes us to where we want to go. But we all know this don’t we? So why do we only focus on the big picture?


I want to bring forth the era of small wins and consistency. I want to read about the forever progress, the balanced non-restrictive approach of consistent marginal gains that change a life forever. Not just for twelve weeks. I want to see Instagram ‘transformations’ of people pursuing goals from twenty to forty. That doesn’t mean that something takes twenty years, that means it lasts twenty years. The kind of success story that keeps other people on track and doesn’t veer them off course.


Let’s start making goals that we know we can achieve, regardless of how easy they seem. Eating one less chocolate bar a day can quickly lead to eating none. But starting with eating none can quickly lead to eating more than before. Getting yourself to the gym today is a really simple goal, and is not to be overlooked or perceived as a seemingly underwhelming achievement. Just using the word today instead of everyday can be just enough to change that mindset. I’m going to eat what I planned today is setting you up for success much more than ‘this year’ is. Know where you’re currently at and start to your goal your right there, not in front. Being present is the most powerful tool for the mindset change you need.





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