So I have had a few conversations with people recently about how to make progress and keep reaching towards their aims and goals. These vary from becoming more competitive at CrossFit, getting stronger, losing bodyfat, gaining muscle and many others.

The conversation I have time and time again revolves around two key concepts which I am slowly becoming more and more attached too.

The first is – Consistency is key. To make changes in ourselves, no matter the goal, we have to challenge the status quo in our body, this is called homeostasis and it needs disrupting to make progress (or Gainz).

We have to do this again and again and again and again. The problem is that todays society always wants, and encourages the quick fix. We want that progress from 70kg to a 100kg snatch right now! Or we want to lose 5% body fat by next week!!!

I am sorry to say that this is just not going to happen. There. I said it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no shortcuts in this game. Anyone who tries to sell you a shortcut is lying, most likely to line their own pockets!!

However, if we consistently chip away at these aims then they will come good. We just have to work hard. This can be a struggle, for sure and there will undoubtedly be setbacks on the way.

The members and athletes that I see the most progress in are those that come in and do the unglamorous stuff all the time. That means, getting to the gym after a long grinding day at work when you’d rather be at home. That means taking a few hours to prep 3 days worth of meals on a sunday and thursday (as an example). That means doing lots of mobility in your spare time to improve the bottom position of your snatch.

Most of all it means doing this consistently. Of course this isn’t for everyone and I am by no means suggesting you should all suddenly start living like monks and live and breathe the gym. This is unrealistic and for most, not much fun. If you want to make progress with your goals it will just require some effort and….yep, you guessed it – Consistency. That does not mean you have to give up your life as you know it though!

We pride ourselves on doing as much as we can for you, making the process and journey of fitness as easy as possible. We programme the workouts, we warm you up, coach you through the workout and then warm you down. We are at the gym and on the end of an email to answer ANY questions you have about how to reach your goals. All you need to do is show up – consistently.

My second concept is – Remember where you came from.

When things get tough, or you have a bad session (we ALL have them, trust me!!) it is highly important not to let this affect your focus. You have to just simply look back at where you were six months ago or a year or even three weeks ago!

For me this has become very important. Whenever I am having a bad day in terms of training I just look back at where I was this time last year in terms of fitness. It always, without fail picks me back up again.

We spend too much time thinking of the future and where we want to be, beating ourselves up comparing ourselves to others but really we need to focus on how much progress we have made and where we have come from.

I have a number of people in my head who I can think of at LiftOff who would most likely put themselves down if I asked about how they feel about where they are in their ‘fitness journey’. Yet if we look back at where they have come from, they should be extremely proud of themselves for the progress made.

Just take a second now to think about what you have achieved recently and take pride in it. Then allow yourself a few seconds to think about that fact that this progress could be doubled in the future, where will you be this time next year if you keep working hard? Exciting isn’t it?

I guess some may see this article as me preaching, I really hope not. We all have aspirations and goals that are totally different, but consistency and remembering where you came from can help you achieve those goals. It can be a hard road, and there will most likely be set backs but if you persist and keep your head up then you will succeed.

“ Success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill


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