# L A S T G Y M Y O U J O I N


We are a strength and conditioning gym..but what does this mean to you? Essentially we offer an all round approach to functional fitness, weight loss and improving your health. This is based on principles of fitness that we believe in, and is aimed at helping normal people in weight loss, strength building and just simply being healthier versions of themselves.

Our classes are all based around movements that will help you move better, with less pain and more efficiency. We carefully control the intensity of these classes to ensure that people can make long term progress, whatever their goals.

No matter who you are or what your goals are, there is something here for you. You will have to work hard and show commitment, but we will be there every step of the way to support you, encourage you, push you forward and hold you back where it is needed. We are the only gym in Bishops Stortford offering this type of service, and are proud to be at the cutting edge of fitness for the general population. You don’t have to be an athlete or super fit to train here, we are open for everyone…

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