How much is a total gym fit?

The Total Gym FIT is the second best machine in this life the top. Priced around $1,500 the FIT is the best Total Gym for the average shopper.

How much does a total gym cost?

The Total Gym is a serious fitness investment. Depending on the model, it can cost anywhere from $1,295 to $4,895 at the time of publication. The Total Gym products are sold to physical therapy clinics, gyms, hospitals, athletic training facilities and many other large corporations.

How much is the total gym Australia?

Total Gym XLS

Cost $2500 (reduced to $1250 when we rang to return it) plus $49.95 P&H from Brand Developers.

Is a total gym worth it?

Total Gyms are a fantastic option for those who want to get in a quick workout despite being short on time. There are many fantastic benefits to owning a total gym, and that’s why they’ve become one of the most popular options out on the market.

Which Total Gym is the best for the price?

Overall, the Total Gym 1100 is a great product for the price. If you are looking for an affordable home gym machine, the 1100 is hard to beat. When it comes to exercise variety, no other home gym can come close to the Total Gym. The 1100 is their most affordable model and it still offers over 60 different exercises.

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Does Chuck Norris actually use the Total Gym?

Chuck has been involved in martial arts for over 54 years and has been using the Total Gym for almost 40 years. … Chuck says that thanks to The Total Gym he is able to continue his martial arts training well into his 70’s.

Does Total Gym help lose weight?

Clinical scientific studies done featuring Total Gym users following a healthy diet found an average of 10-pound weight loss over a 4 week period, with 20 pounds or more over the course of the next 6 weeks of following a sensible diet and incorporating cardiovascular sessions as well.

What comes with a total gym fit?

To help you achieve your fitness goals, Total Gym FIT includes a complete library of Total Gym exercises, Total Gym workouts and workout tools. Total Gym FIT workouts are easy to follow, fun to do, and have the right amount of motivation to keep you on your path to success.

How much is the Total Gym as seen on TV?

That’s over $1,174 in savings! Or Call Total Gym Direct at: 1-800-618-7401 and speak to a live representative! The new Total Gym FIT represents the pinnacle of Total Gym’s innovative fitness technology.

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Is Total Gym better than free weights?

Free weights are better for athletes and sport enthusiasts with a lot of space. The total gym is better suited for people who want to stay generally fit and need to save space.

Which is better Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym fit?

The Total Gym Fit also offers more weight capacity than XLS, but you will have to pay more for it. The Total Gym Fit unit is also ideal for users with up to 6’4 inches in tallness. The Total Gym XLS is more convenient when switching exercise and also offers a good workout experience.

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Is the Total Gym good for seniors?

Cable systems and the Bowflex/Total Gym machines work well with seniors because there are no free weights or plates involved. They are also easy to get on/off and are pretty low impact.

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