Digestion – How it can help you?

An easy win in the fat loss/strength/performance gains battle…..

One of the easiest, cheapest things you can do to help with your nutrition is proper digestion. Cue everyone stopping reading this because it isn’t a quick fix or isn’t a six week meal plan guaranteed to win you some short term gains 😉

Those of you still with me…..

When we take our food in it passes through our mouth and then on down the digestive chain – esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine with any waste ending up you know where…!

This process is incredibly important but one that many of us take for granted. We just get the food in and forget it! This can be so detrimental to the way in which we take on board the protein, fat and carbohydrates in food, not to mention the micro nutrients and vitamins or any supplements we take.

If our digestive system is not working properly we are essentially going to the petrol station every day and just pouring petrol on to the forecourt. What a waste.

We all have different goals…fat loss, muscle gain, increased performance…whatever it is that we want from training, digestion has a big role to play.

So how can we improve digestion?

CHEW! This is so simple and yet very few of us actually do it properly. Chewing our food breaks it down into smaller chunks of food which makes digestion a lot easier within the stomach and intestines. It also releases saliva which contains digestive enzymes absolutely essential to the following digestive process. Experts recommend 30+ chews for each mouthful…..try it and you will realise how far away you are from this. If you are not chewing properly then quite simply much of the nutritional value of the food will be wasted and the digestive tract becomes a lot slower moving and less efficient.

Stress – Take the time to eat in a relaxed state. This means no television, no eating ‘on the go’, no rushing the meal whilst prepping your kids food, no eating on the way to the train station or during a business meeting. Meal time should be for eating only! If we are in the middle of doing something else, our body will not be putting effort into digestion. We are wired to eat in comfort, not whilst running away from a stressor. I recognise this isn’t always practical for many people, but having an awareness of it is important so that we can start to make small changes to our eating habits.

Food quality – Eat homemade, organic, locally grown food where possible. The quality of your food is so important and putting food tainted with chemicals and preservatives is going to do your gut health and therefore digestion no good whatsoever.

So to summarise….CHEW CHEW CHEW your food, take time to slow down and eat your food in a relaxed state, focus on the quality of your food intake.

Thanks for reading.




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