Does one size fit all to build muscle?

Does one size fit all to build muscle?


If it was as simple as, ‘overcome physical resistance and your muscles will grow’ then everyone would be the size of a professional bodybuilder. Just because you’ve created a greater force against another force, that you’re getting stronger. If you read somewhere that doing 5 reps makes you strong and 10 reps makes you big then you (and that writer) has much more to learn.


Every person has the capacity to express themselves in some way physically, but not everyone has the capacity to express themselves enough to create a specific response from it. Such as increasing force production (strength) or create hypertrophy (increase muscle size, through sarcoplasmic or myofibrillar) or decrease body fat (or choosing where does what with it).


Essentially what I’m saying is, the majority of people cannot stress themselves out enough physically (through these generalised resistance training protocols) to then have to adapt to it! (Capacity to adapt is another topic, definitely for another day).


Depending where you currently sit in your journey and expression of fitness, largely dictates what you can and can’t do. Yes there are things you ‘can’t do.’ It has nothing to do with effort, not being good enough, strong willed enough or being coached correctly. It’s all to do with biology. How the body utilises energy, motor control (let’s just call it coordination), produces force, repeats force production, and adaptation potential.


Take all of that into consideration, and then ask, ‘well what should I do?’ Now we know it’s based on what you’re capable of, you need to ask what your goals are. We also now know that two people with the same goals, aren’t necessarily doing the same thing. Because of their individual biology to express!


As a takeaway, we can tell you this. Training your muscles isn’t as straightforward as the magazines or self proclaimed coaching articles say it is. There’s plenty more involved, and one size does not fit all! If you’re close to Bishops Stortford and need some professional guidance that’s suited to you, then Lift Off is the place for you.

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