Building our children’s foundation in fitness

Building our children’s foundation in fitness

A solid foundation is vital in many areas of our life. We wouldn’t build (or buy!) a house without a solid foundation. We wouldn’t drive over a bridge that was merely plonked in between two land masses. We wouldn’t expect to get a college or university degree by bypassing the basics of that degree. “Foundation” means just that: to lay a base for. A solid foundation is important to help us build solid structures- physical or not.

And yet, when it comes to our bodies, often foundations go out the window. In this case I will be concentrating on movement, but the same could be said about ‘fuel’ or nutrition. More often than not, when children start exercising, they start playing a sport, be it rugby, football, dancing, netball. This is for a number of reasons- often that’s what’s available. We want our children to exercise, so we’ll end up choosing what is around and fits into our busy lives. It’s what the children themselves want to do. Their friends are playing it too, or they watch the sport on TV. It’s ‘the norm’.

Children must exercise; sport is exercise; as a child that’s what I did, so my child will do the same. All these reasons are valid, and good. Playing a sport is indeed exercising, and in a world where we play more video games than actual games, let’s not stop a child from being physically active! If said sport does fit in with a busy parent’s schedule, hurray. And if the child’s friend is also taking part, then that child is more likely to enjoy it, so is more likely to want to continue. Bonus. However, there is a downside, and a potentially rather big one. We tend to forget about our children’s foundation.

Each child should be able to comfortably- lunge, squat, push, pull, hinge at the hips, use their core (different ages will lead to differing abilities). They should be able to jump and land on both feet, together, in a solid stance. They should be able to hang, throw a ball….

The problem with forgetting about this foundation is that we focus on the specifics of the sport, we train those and because the foundations aren’t there, it can lead to injuries. Imagine the house example. We’ve not built a foundation, because we’re concentrating on making the perfect walls. Eventually, those walls- pretty or not at the start- will come crumbling down. Here, at Lift Off CrossFit Bishop’s Stortford, we focus on the foundation. We build a strong base, so that children can carry on moving, trying new sports, acquiring new skills, and getting less injured.

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