Defining your goals

Defining your goals


Before we step foot in the gym, we all have a reason to why we are making the first step in starting our fitness journey. If you don’t, find one.

I believe setting ourselves up with a continuous goal to achieve helps create the mental/physical challenge our minds need on a daily basis. Without these challenges, life seems pretty boring but that is just my opinion.

With Liftoff, during consultations or general conversations we have with people looking to join and even current members that have been with us for a long period of time, the question “what are your goals?” or “what is it you’re wanting to achieve out of training?” often crop up. 

We ask this type of question because it helps gain a better understanding of why you are here and how we can help you achieve these desired goals of yours. However, we like to dig a little deeper into the “why” so we can create the clearest picture possible.

A very common example is someone wanting become stronger.

Why do you want to become stronger? Are you aiming for an event or competition in the future? What time frame have you given yourself to do this in? Is there an endgame or a continuous journey? These are just some questions which produce a clear image of what you are after so we can try to find alignments with you and your coach.

We also don’t want to have any confusion with your goals that maybe they’re with out you even knowing. An example of this could be wanting to be come stronger and get lean at the same time. Due to the vast individualism with humans, we are going to look and adapt differently. There isn’t a one way fits all policy. Progress towards our goals in strength and how we will look aesthetically throughout the process needs to have some individual element.

Now this may not seem important in the face of things. However in our eyes it could create a negative response during your training if you aren’t seeing the changes you believe you should be seeing over time. This is why we like to clear things up by asking these questions so there is no missing information and everything is explained before we start.

In conclusion, we want you to have as clear and knowledgeable path as possible as you begin your journey into health fitness. This all begins by defining your goals and how to execute them. 

Sam Saunders


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