Can we help your children? Let us show them exercise is fun!

Exercise should be a way of life!

Very often exercise is portrayed as a “treatment”, a thing to do once you’ve gotten yourself into a state of negative health. Illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, joint pains, mental health to name but a few. Now portraying it that way isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does put exercise in a slightly bad light. You have to exercise because you’re in a “sick state”. That’s not positive. It can also make us believe that, just as ‘other treatments’, once we are in a positive state of health, we no longer need to exercise.

Exercise should be a way of life. Just like we need sleep, good food, water, we need to move. If we start young, by getting our children to exercise in a fun, enjoyable way, then more and more children will grow into adults having exercise as part of their normal life. At least this is what I, and many other youth coaches want to see happen. The emphasis here is on the “fun”. No matter the age, if we are made to do something we don’t want to do, it is unlikely we will persevere. However we all like to have fun!

For children, almost everything they do is a new experience. They’re learning new skills at school every day. Their bodies are constantly changing. Social circles can be fluid. With this ever-changing routine, starting a new fitness class can be daunting. They may not know the other participants, the others may be ‘better’, have more experience, or just learn more quickly. As children get older, body image starts having more impact. There are so many reasons why they could feel uncomfortable. So putting extra pressure on them by expecting them listen, move and perform as though robots just seems counterintuitive. They need to laugh, have fun, enjoy themselves and want to come back!

Obviously a class aimed at 5 year olds is going to look very different to one aimed at teenagers, but there should still be a fun element. What we want is to get them to make fitness a part of their routine, not see it as a class they must do for a few months. Then, hopefully, they will grow up to become adults who have fitness in their lives, and pass that love on to their children. And maybe one day, exercise will no longer be seen as a ‘treatment option’.

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