Gut Health Part 1 Gut health

What do we mean when we refer to our gut health and how can we tell if our guts are not working in harmony.

Your gut is essentially your digestive system or tract- from the mouth, through the oesophagus, to the stomach, small intestine and then finally the large intestine or colon.

The cells that line our digestive system are the exact same cells that make up our brains making it hugely influential to our overall health and well-being.

To start assessing wether you may have an imbalance of bacteria in your gut ask:

Do you suffer with any of the below symptoms?

– constant bloating/stomach cramps

– inconsistent stools – whether in terms of frequency or consistency (constipation & diarrhea) – heartburn/indigestion – constant gas (smelly wind)

– constantly feeling tired and sluggish and lacking in energy – changes to your skin (inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or spot break outs or acne) – constant brain fog – a lack of focus or poor concentration

– feelings of anxiety

Many of us will experience one or more of these symptoms and they somehow become normality to us- we do not address them because we believe that this is the way our body functions.

It is important to recognise these symptoms and realise that they are our body’s way of telling us that something is not quite right. It is very likely that this something is a result of poor gut health and it is hugely important that this is addressed. Especially if you want to be healthy, fit and strong.

My next blog will dig a bit deeper into this subject.

Written by Coach Tors Kemp.

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