Have you ever considered aligning your training, nutrition and lifestyle with your menstrual cycle? 

Have you ever considered aligning your training, nutrition and lifestyle with your menstrual cycle? 

With our LiftOff lady legends in mind, this article gives some insight into the benefits of cycle syncing your weekly training sessions.  It also sheds light on how your energy levels fluctuate during each phase of your monthly flow and how valuable it can be to put all that EXTRA energy you have in the first half of your menstrual cycle to good use.  More importantly, it advocates the importance of rest or doing some restorative training in the second half when your productive energy levels pretty much hit the decks.

Why “go hard or go home” mindset for ladies just doesn’t work   

Ok, so I know many of you ladies will be thinking “how the heck am I going to lose weight and balance my hormones by resting or doing restorative training?”. I understand that this concept is difficult to come to terms with. We are constantly bombarded with social media platforms and external sources who insist weight loss can only be achieved through rigorous daily training, aka the “go hard or go home” ethos.

Here at LiftOff Gym, we understand that us humans are not designed to constantly thrash ourselves.  Instead, we need to find that balance between pushing ourselves hard and taking rest where it’s needed.  It’s only when this balance is achieved that we can produce our best results in the gym. If we don’t take the time to rest, our bodies will resist and eventually force us to do so. 

Unlike men who have a 24 hour hormonal pattern, our hormonal fluctuations span out over a 28 day period. This is exactly why we can’t compare our daily training schedules to that of a male’s. Men can most likely perform the same workouts daily.  For us ladies, doing an intense training session in the wrong phase of our cycle can actually backfire and prevent us reaching our goals.

So no, smashing out a tough conditioning piece every single day until you drop will not help you lose weight more quickly.  In actual fact, a training session that’s too intense for the phase you are in will instead use up every last bit of your stored energy. It will then use up your adrenal gland reserves to offset what estrogen and progesterone are not providing for you during that phase. This causes a spike in stress hormones which you really don’t want! When your body is stressed, it holds onto any extra weight you’re carrying due to cortisol.

My own experiences – Syncing training with your cycle

Ever since I have taken into consideration the way my body has been beautifully designed, everything has been working more harmoniously with great results. It has taken the guesswork out of so many aspects of day to day life and training.

So, let me ask you these questions: are you someone who feels that your training is not aligned with your changing energy levels? Are you struggling to achieve consistency with your training and nutrition protocols? Are you fed up of not feeling/seeing the changes to your body that you desire? Have you considered training in sync with your cycle but lack the knowledge and awareness of this tricky subject area? If you have answered “yes” to at least two of these questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach LC here at LiftOff Gym who can help you feel fully informed, balanced and aligned with your internal cyclical flow. 

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