If you don’t snooze, you lose!! SLEEP!

If you don’t Snooze, You Lose. SLEEP! 


Taking a closer look at how our feminine bodies change throughout our cycle can be an incredibly powerful tool. When we understand what’s going on from the inside we can set ourselves up for success in reaching our health and fitness goals.


Your period health holds feedback which can help you or hinder your progress. Your energy, mood, appetite, sleep, sexual desire, creativity, productivity, ability to focus, interest in socialising, need for movement and rest are all massively affected by where you are at in your menstrual cycle. Based on the above I have decided to firstly expand on SLEEP as this is at the top of my coaching philosophy here at Liftoff Crossfit. WHY? Because without sufficient good quality nap time ALL the other results will be limited. 


Women experience sleeping differently to men and its the onset of menstruation that stimulates the main difference in sleep between the male and female. As oestrogen and progesterone begin their cyclic ebb and flow, they regulate sleep-wake cycle regulation. As you transition through each phase of your life, you’re increasingly likely to experience a sleep disorder. By the time we reach our perimenopausal years, 53 percent of us will be having poor quality sleep, trouble falling asleep and getting enough sleep. Night sweats, needing to wee and restless legs syndrome all impact on our ability to get a solid night’s sleep and then there are those years of interrupted sleep that happens when we become parents and the hypervigilance that some mums are unable to switch off from, even though they’re desperate to get some shut eye. 


Not enough increases your appetite, upsets your blood sugar balance and reduces your ability to burn fat, thanks to an increase in production of ghrelin which stimulates your appetite, and lowered levels of leptin, a hormone which tells your brain that you have energy and inhibits hunger. When I say not enough, I do mean one sleepless night can have this effect. It also makes you crave carbohydrates and sugar that you can’t process as well, triggers inflammation, lowers your immunity, makes you prone to obesity, diabetes plus makes you less resilient to stress, moody as hell and super tired. 


Sleep is a superpower and should be a priority for all you lady legends aiming to achieve long term happy, hungry, horny, healthy hormones. 


Sweet Dreams, Coach LC 

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