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Programming insights:

Here is my second article with an insight into the programming I’m doing for you guys and why I’m doing it…..there is method to the madness!

Today I will talk about last wednesday’s session:

Wednesday 29th October

  • Warm up + Deadlift practice*

We do dynamic range of motion stuff to warm up every day here at LiftOff and this will always be geared towards the movements in the session. 

Today the main movement that we were going to be working was deadlift. This is a movement some see as simple and looks pretty simple to the untrained eye but there are technical points which are key to ensure the lift is firstly safe and secondly as efficient as possible. 

CrossFit HQ coined the phrase ‘Mechanics.Consistency.Intensity’. This is pretty important to us here and I try to implement that all the time. All this little phrase means is get the mechanics right (usually with PVC pipe or empty bar), do this consistently and then add intensity in the form of higher weight/reps or add speed and a competitive environment (a workout).

It ensures members stay safe and that they get as strong as possible (the more efficient and technically on point you are the more weight you’ll lift). 

We then moved onto the the workout:

A1. Deadlift – 5x 3-5 Rest 30-60s

A2. Hand Release Pushups – 5x 10-15

Rest 2 mins



4 Rounds:


B – 10 KB Front Squat

This is essentially strength work. If you want to get technical we are working in the Creatine Phosphate energy system (CP). The aim is to try and increase our absolute strength in the deadlift which is the epitomy of a compound functional movement. 

It works a huge amount of musculature and gets you very strong very quick. In its most basic form it is bending over, picking something up and putting it down again under control all whilst maintaining a flat back position (we aren’t going for powerlifting world records here). I would suggest that along with back squats there is no better exercise to get you ‘bang for your buck’. Hence why we do a fair amount here.

 I paired this with hand release pushups, a gymnastic upper body/midline stability movement. These are included as they pair nicely with deadlift, using pretty much opposing muscle groups. We have been doing a lot of upper body pushing/pulling/midline stability recently as it is noticeable that many members lack in this area.

We then rested two minutes. This allows the CP system to recover enough that you can go relatively hard in terms of intensity, if we had unlimited time to train or we were going for a one rep max I would extend this to maybe 3-5 minutes, to really fully allow the CP system to recover. 

For the deadlift I chose 3-5 reps. Over the weeks we have slowly gone from 6-8 down to the 3-5 rep range, this is just slowly allowing you to lift more weight and make some progression each time you lift the bar in a linear fashion.

Once we had done 5 sets of this we went straight into out finishing piece which was a CP/Aerobic Capacity workout. This was focused on midline/scap stability and knee flexion muscular endurance with a breathing element aswell. 

The partner work was just to enhance that community spirit, add in a bit of fun and change things up a bit. People always work harder for their buddies than themselves I find.

Partner A held a front lean rest whilst partner B did 10 KB Front Rack Front squats. This was holding a kettlebell in each hand in the front rack. This position requires great midline stability and scapular stability to stop your shoulders rounding forward and dropping the bells. You then had to go straight into an FLR holding a good hollow body position…..working much of the same musculature but from a different angle. Both the KB front squat and FLR can both be mentally challenging as people found out! It proved to be a bit spicy but a great way to finish off the session. 

I hope this has been helpful to you guys to understand our session, any questions drop me an email!

Train Hard. Rest Hard.


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