Post Workout Nutrition Protocols
An often asked question of the coaches is what to eat after training. Here are some basic protocols to follow, these are essential for recovery and therefore performance but will also help with body composition if that is a goal too. Aim to take in a protein and carbohydrate source immediately after training, within 30-60
The dreaded Carbs…..A quick guide.
Why do I need more carbs? Carbohydrates are a macronutrient used by the body to provide glycogen to the cells which fuel our movement and therefore our exercise. They are important if you want to train at any sort of intensity and recover well. If we are carrying out any form of training at anything
A beginners guide to the whiteboard!
Programming Glossary! There is a lot of jargon and a number of phrases that are used a lot in CrossFit that I thought I would explain for you guys so that you have a reference for when you come into the gym and see certain things on the board. CrossFit is very new to some
Bracing for Deadlift
why it matters   The deadlift as we we have mentioned in previous posts is the daddy of big lifts, of the powerlifting movements this should always be the highest loaded, in addition there is no other conventional lift that puts more of a direct loads on the back. To ensure this movement has its
Dealing With Injury
Injuries are a part of life when you are involved in any form of physical exercise. If you take part in sport or exert yourself in physical activity with any sort of regularity then the likelihood is you will pick up an injury at some point. This is something that I have learned the hard
Macronutrients – Protein
The Importance Of Protein This will be the first in a series of articles covering the three macronutrients. We get more questions about diet than we do about anything else at LiftOff and rightly so, nutrition is a minefield! There is so much conflicting and misleading information out there that it can be scary and
Deloading – Why?
Deload Week – Why?  At LiftOff CrossFit we use basic linear periodisation for our main classes. We break our programming into cycles of 8-12 weeks and each cycle will have a slightly different focus too it whilst always maintaining our General Physical Preparedness. Lets look at the last cycle of 12 weeks that I designed.
The importance of mobility in Olympic Weightlifting
Why mobility is important for Olympic lifting? We know how amazingly the olympic lifts transfer over to our given sports and the benefits we see from performing these well. They train you to jump and move a load vertically and explosively. This may have a direct correlation with our vertical jump height or how hard
The Deadlift – A quick guide
5  Top Tips for Deadlifting success Top down set up- when you’re new to deadlifting, going through your bracing sequence and locking down before you grab the bar will help you keep your back tight. This is extremely important. If we lose position before even putting our hands round the bar we will struggle to
The importance of strength training for endurance athletes
            * Above is the ‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence. He completed 50 Ironmans in 50 Days in 50 States earlier this year. He used strength training as an integral part of his programming in the lead up to the event(s)!   Strength Training for endurance athletes Many endurance athletes are