“Having spent many years in a conventional gym environment, I was looking for something different. I had been performing the same routine with very little variation and started to really plateau and was getting bored. I started with Liftoff in earnest at the beginning of 2015. After eight months, I have gotten stronger and feel better. The variability of the workouts is great, although sometimes a rude surprise at 6am!  I have not been to other crossfit operations, but I hear the same story – it is all about community. The coaches and members alike are a great bunch of people. The community provides a positive environment in which to train, to push yourself, and to improve. All-in-all, Liftoff has introduced the fun back into my workouts!”
Tom Deex - Member
“I’m a 27-year-old professional and like everyone else I used to go to a posh gym 3 times a week and even though I was enthusiastic and persevered with it, I wasn’t seeing any real results. And why would I? I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to create a fun and effective gym regime, nor the money to have a personal trainer to do it for me. I heard that Crossfit provided a structured and varied work out that produces results. So, overweight and pretty unfit I figured I would give it a go. Crossfit isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a sweat filled 60 minutes where you will push yourself harder, faster and stronger than you thought you could. The class atmosphere is something I have never experienced before. Your fellow classmates not only speak to one another (who knew you could do this?!) they also cheer you on mid work out. Since joining in November I have lost around 3 stone (without the extreme diet), I am also happier, healthier and fitter than I thought I could be (ever). If you are looking to get fit(ter), loose some weight, or just make some friends I would recommend Crossfit.”
Katrina - Member
“Rewarding and friendly, LiftOff CrossFit has put me in the shape of my life! Great atmosphere, plenty of laughs and zero judgement means you progress at your level. The coaches push you hard but fair and with a lot of one-on-one advice in class sessions you’re soon lifting heavier, going harder and recovering quicker than ever before.”
Matt Ruskin - Member
“Any concerns I may have had (as a middle aged mum of 2) making the transition from a ‘normal’ gym to a cross fit ‘box’ have completely evaporated based on my experiences at Lift Off CrossFit. The coaches are excellent, the classes are varied, interesting and enjoyable. People of all shapes, sizes and ability attend with equal enthusiasm to better their own scores and achievements in a non competitive, supportive and friendly environment. The benefits of being healthier and stronger need no explanation. I am a convert even if I am still working on my hand stand push ups if only to impress my children!”
Jody - Member
In the last 2 weeks I’ve had 2 compliments on my buffness(!!) so I thought I’d make that a hatrick and pass a compliment back on to you guys. Before I started Cross-Fit I used to go running to keep fit. Only once or twice a week and only a couple of miles. I found I could up the distance; 4, 5, 6 miles, and maintain the same pace. But whatever distance, I couldn’t improve the pace. I put this down to being in my forties and that old cliché – the legs have gone! When I started Cross-Fit I intended to keep up the running at least once a week but family and work commitments mean that this hasn’t happened. I did manage to go for a run recently and was pleasantly surprised to find I’d increased my pace by about 30 sec/min. I really didn’t expect this, especially as I’m about half a stone heavier than when I started Cross-Fit – pure gainz! – I thought the extra weight would have slowed me down. As I didn’t think fitness was a problem before (for my age) I can only put this down to the strength work being done at the Box. Amazeballs!!! There’s another plus I wanted to mention, especially considering a few people have said to me that Cross-Fit can easily cause injury. When I was in my late 20s I had sciatica to the extent that a couple of friends bought me walking sticks – partly as a joke, but partly because I walked like I needed one!! For a couple of years I was regularly in agony. Osteopaths and physio sessions didn’t seem to help and eventually, over time, it got better (should have come to see Craig – how old was he circa 2001?!!). Touch wood, nowadays the worst it gets is ‘a bit sore’ but I can safely say my back has never felt better/stronger and I also put that down to the strength work at Cross-Fit. As for injuries, the coaching at Lift Off is thorough enough, and the coaches put so much emphasis on quality of movement and technique, that I have no concerns whatsoever about Cross-Fit related injuries.
James - Member



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