Top 10 Tips for working out after having a baby

Top 10 Tips for working out after having a baby


Exercising with intention and purpose after-baby is essential. Even with the most active pregnancy, smooth labour, and birth your body requires postpartum rehab and recovery to some extent. It has just taken 9 months to nuture and grow your baby, imagine the huge changes that have had to go on phyiscally and hormonally to enable this to happen. Does this mean months of not exercising? – definitely not. What it does mean however is following a structured exercise plan that encourages the body to function at its best again. 

I have had many new mum clients coming to me wanting to jump straight back into high intensity workouts – we all just want to sweat right? And surely this is the most effective way of getting that pre baby body back? Afraid not ladies, and if this is what you are looking for I am probably not the coach for you. My moral compass is far stronger than purely racking up how many clients I have. My goal is to help educate new mums on whats going on at a deeper level within their bodies post partum, to help them to reconnect with their bodies to regain strength and function and most importantly in a safe environment. 


10 tips


1: Exercise to feel better – Exercise should always make you feel better, and energise you (at least a little bit). It’s always hard finding the time and energy to fit exercise in but once you get started your energy will hopefully perk up. 


2: Function First – don’t rush and don’t make getting your pre baby body back your sole priotity. Take the time to heal and rehab your body from the inside out and you will get back to all the activities you love to do without any complications or niggles further down the line.


3: Get properly assessed for Diastasis Recti. 


4: Strength training all the way – strength training is key in getting back into exercise post baby, and I always tend to recommend a good 6-8 weeks of strength training before returning to any kind of intensity. Plus building lean muscle will help you to burn more fat and is your best bet for tweaking your body composition/shape. 


5: Body alignment is key – paying attention to your body alighnment and the way your body moves is essential both during exercise and in daily life and is one of the first steps to retraining your core.


6: Pay attention – to how your body is feeling during and after exercise. What’s your energy like? Do you have any lower back or pelvic pain? How long is it taking you to recover?


7: Fuel yourself right – eating the right foods to fuel yourself both pre and post exercise is key. Eat at regular intervals and do not skip meals. Balance your plate with a good portion of protein (meats, fish, eggs, pulses), a portion of healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil) and some slow releasing carbs (sweet potato, brown rice, butternut squash, oats).


8: Ask yourself WHY – Why do you want to exercise? And be clear on the answer. Although exercising to lose weight and get back into shape is a worthy goal, there are also so many more reasons to get back to the gym. Do you want to be strong so that you can carry your baby, car seat and shopping bags? What about running around outside with your toddler? Do you get through the day without struggling with lower back pain? Do you want to live the longest and healthiest life you can? Is exercise a mental escape for you?


  1. Keep it simple. There is no need for an effective workout to look like a gymnastics display, neither does it require endless equipment or machinery. Squat, hinge, push, pull. Basics doesn’t equal boring and pointless. 


10: Train your core and pelvic floor correctly – for me this is NUMBER 1 and the most important thing for you to know and do. You deserve to have this infomation and to give your body the best possible chance of regaining strength and function after having your baby. 


The basic principles: our core = so much more than just our abdominal muscles. It includes the ab’s, pelvic floor, back muscles, diaphragm, and the glutes (bum muscles). All have to work together in synergy. Things to avoid: crunches, sit ups, double leg raises, high impact exercise. 


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Top 10 Tips for working out after having a baby