• Have you been on numerous diets and health kicks? Do you always then put the weight back on?
  • Are you looking for real long-term results?
  • Are you willing to make a genuine commitment to getting these results?
  • Do you want to work one to one with a coach who will help guide you to success?


No matter what your health, fitness or body composition goals are, physical exercise is only a small part of the picture in helping you achieve those goals. We have a strong belief at LiftOff CrossFit that to truly reach your personal goals we must go deeply into nutrition and lifestyle habits to get the best results for you as an individual.

Real, long-term results.

We have an approach that focuses on small, sustainable changes made to lifestyle and nutrition practices over the long term. This means that we achieve steady, long-term results and not short, unsustainable results.

There is no question that this means we need to have a deep commitment from our clients to actually make those changes and that we work in a one to one capacity, building a deep relationship between client and coach to help make your goals a reality.

This is NOT a diet. This a lifestyle and it WILL give you results that last.

Work one to one with a coach.

This one to one aspect is incredibly important, as everyone has different goals, different training/life/nutrition history. As such there are no cookie cutter meal plans or diets within what we provide, everything you receive will be completely individualized.

After filling in the screening form at the bottom of this page you will begin a journey with your coach to reach your personal goals. This is structured around weekly check-ins of 20-30 minutes and monthly hour-long consults.

We will dig deep into all aspects of lifestyle and nutrition to build an approach that is based on your life and needs.

Why Lifestyle?

We believe that lifestyle is as important as actual nutritional intake in helping you achieve your goals. What you eat is important, but if you do not have a handle on stress, sleep, digestion, physical exercise, circadian rhythm and many other aspects of your life then actually your body will not use the nutrients you provide it. These are basic aspects of being a healthy human that long ago seem to have been forgotten in western society and modern culture. We go into great detail about these in our consults and you will find they are very important as you progress towards your goals.

What is the commitment?

We will be requiring our clients to commit to at least 20 weeks (4 months) with us. This is essential to start to see sustainable progress. We would expect most to be with us for much longer, however.

We are looking for those willing to make a genuine commitment to changing their lives for good.

What Next?

If you do want to commit to our Lifestyle and Nutrition programme you do not need to be a current member of the gym. Simply fill in the intake form below and we will be in touch to arrange an initial consult.