What do Building Blocks and Fitness Classes have in Common?

Do you remember as a child (or perhaps even as an adult!) getting a box of building blocks and either making a specific design, or creating your own masterpiece? The blocks themselves weren’t very impressive. Some were bigger than others whilst some had sticky-outy bits. Some were green, others were blue. Some were smooth and others had little bumps on them. The point is that by themselves they didn’t do much. Together though, they could create something quite impressive! The other thing you might remember is that, if you misplaced a particular piece, it could really affect the end result. So what do building blocks and fitness classes have in common?

Building Blocks and Fitness – A Common Link?

Well there are certain elements, patterns or components, that you are required to master in the fitness world before you can move on to more complex movements. For instance we need to be able to hinge at the hips in order to deadlift. We need to be able to brace our core too. “Hinging” and “core stability/strength” are two of these elements that everyone should be able to master. They are the parts that build the bigger picture. The blocks. Without them, the whole thing can unravel and crack, leading to injuries.

Some may argue that if they never intend to come to the gym, then it really doesn’t matter if they can pull and push, or squat properly. My argument would be that everyday life is a gym! When we walk our dog and he pulls just a little too much, or we carry our shopping then lift it into the boot. When we pick up our child or a heavy load from the ground. When we sit on the couch then stand up again.

Avoiding injury

When building our structures out of blocks, each block has its place, each has a purpose, and when one is missing the whole structure can become unstable. The same goes with movement. Why rush them and potentially get injured rather than take the time to ensure each building block is solid?

Here at LiftOff, we put a great deal of emphasis on getting the basics right through our programming and coaching. My kids fitness classes also focus on these essential movement patterns, so that participants can build strength from the ground up. This ensures that they are ready for life; from daily activities to specific sports. Let’s make sure our kids are kept injury free, now and for the rest of their lives. If you would like more information about adult and/or kids classes, please drop me a line at info@liftoffgym.com.

Coach Anne Lise