What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program used by elite athletes, special forces and emergency services around the world but that is scalable to any ability level. This makes any workout accessible to the public no matter what their starting fitness level is. We can scale every workout that we do to account for fitness levels, age and injury. You don’t need to ‘get fit’ to do CrossFit, you get fit doing CrossFit!

The key to CrossFit’s success is its use of compound functional movements, coupled with workouts that are constantly varied in their duration, intensity movements & rep schemes so you’ll never get bored or stop improving. Each day will be different.

Here at CrossFit the programming is done using basic strength and conditioning principles, meaning that it is structured to be safe and to progressively improve the client and each aspect of their fitness.

For more information please visit www.crossfit.com & www.journal.crossfit.com

How it Works

We run a number of small group classes coached by one or two coaches each day. Each day you will come to the gym and we will provide a coached warm up, and then workout followed by a cool down. Within these workouts will normally be a strength or skill component followed by some form of metabolic conditioning.

Throughout there will be a coach taking the class and providing expert guidance to ensure effective and safe training. We provide all equipment and all members will be coached in the safe and productive use of each piece of equipment. We sell nutritional products on site and there is also a sports injury clinic (Injury Active) located within the facility.

Next Step

Every new member who comes into the classes at LiftOff CrossFit will be required to complete our School of Movement unless they have previous CrossFit experience.

We first hold a free 30 minute consult which allows us to find out more about you, your goals and your history. It also let’s us explain exactly what we’re about. You will then be required to complete our school of movement which is designed to ensure that you learn the basic mechanics of each movement and how to carry them out safely and efficiently in a one to one environment.

This is to ensure that you stay safe when you train and that you get the most out of the classes. It’s also a great way to get to know the coaches and the box in a more relaxed environment, we want you to be lifelong members of this community so these first interactions and foundation of movement is highly important too us!

Once you have completed this you are able to attend our CrossFit or gymnastics classes.

To get started there are two options

If you have experience of CrossFit already at another box please email us at info@liftoffcrossfit.com and we can arrange a short assessment/refresher to ensure readiness for the classes, or send us the contact details of your previous coach/box so that we can speak to them to verify your experience.

To find out more and arrange your consult, please contact us at info@liftoffcrossfit.com

If you have ANY issues at all then please do contact us at info@liftoffcrossfit.com or call on 01279 755 333

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Lift Off CrossFit is based in Bishops Stortford, Herts. Our experienced team of coaches have made Lift Off the regions premier CrossFit box.

We welcome all levels of experience and pride ourselves on treating all members as equals.



If you are interested in coming down to meet us, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

 01279 755 333
 Unit 1, Twyford Business Centre
London Road, Bishops Stortford
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