Is your current environment holding you back from reaching your goals?

Is your current environment holding you back from reaching your goals?

How often do we think, the actions we take each day are shaped not by purposeful drive and choice but by the obvious option? It is fascinating that despite our unique personalities, certain behaviours tend to arise again and again under certain environmental conditions.

Im going to use an example from a current client. Outside of her working environment this girl has got her shit dialled in. She demonstrates consistency within the nutrition, training and lifestyle practices that we have slowly introduced from the onset. The biggest challenge we are currently facing is her working environment as cookies, cakes, chocolates etc are constantly within reach.

Sound familiar?

Obviously a food item that is more easily accessible, the more likely you are to buy it / try it.

During an initial screening process with clients here at liftoff crossfit, I will regulary highlight that current behaviours/ habits do not change overnight. Adapting to an overall healthy lifestyle takes time and by time I don’t mean 6-8 weeks but rather 1+ years. There will be patterns that you have either learned or created yourself through life experiences. When put in a similar experience/environment your mind will be more attracted to what is familiar. If you are used to having one or two of the chocolates on display at lunch time well guess what, when lunch time strikes so does that cookie monster. Your cue = cookies on display, trigger = lunch time.

Given that we are more dependant on vision than any other of our senses, a small change in what you see can lead to a BIG SHIFT in what you do. Also most people live in an environment that others have created for them and as a result overlook this POWERFUL process of designing your own environment.

What CAN you do?

You CAN alter the spaces where you live and work to increase that exposure to positive cues and reduce the negative ones. It allows you to put that purposeful drive in the driver seat. Be the designer of your world not merely the consumer of it.

Going back to my client example, we have discussed that she could potentially initiate a positive change in her work environment by sharing her new found knowledge of nutrition with the rest of her team, spread large colourful fruit bowls around the office as well as some high protein based snacks and if others aren’t keen well then she CAN design her own little area. The bottom line is making sure her food options are of much better quality and VISIBLE.

A stable environment where everything has a place and a purpose is an environment where habits can easily form.

If you are someone who is currently struggling to let go of old habits so that you can make room to plant new ones, please dont hesiate to reach out to me here at Liftoff Crossfit. Let me help you get started.

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